Exercise Cord




Designed for Spiral Stabilization exercises.

The rope has a specially designed resistance and elongation.

Specially designed handles to comfortably fit your hands or feet during exercise

Suitable for treatment and regeneration

4 resistance options

  • 1kp – black extension
  • 2kp – green extension
  • 3.5kp – shortened without extension
  • 7kp – double handle



  • The rope (6 mm) is specially designed and developed for the Spiral Stabilization exercise. High elongation of the rope (4x) is ensured not only by the material of the rubber itself, but also by the braid, which we have made to measure.
  • Specially designed loops for attachment to the hand and foot with the possibility of removing the loop with an elastic band.


There are also counterfeits of our ropes on the market. Most of the counterfeits of our rope have several times more strength and much less elongation. When training patients with a counterfeit rope, it is easy to overload and there is a risk of injury.